The Idea Sounding Board

A space where I share some ideas on economy, fintech, finance, politics, education, music, France , Lebanon and other topics. Some stories too…

Peeling the Layers

On a cold Christmas eve in 1914, somewhere in Europe My friends. My brothers. The mightier the adversity, the faster the peel, and it looks as though the layers are indeed peeling off, one after the other, and fast. Assertiveness, … Continue reading Peeling the Layers

You’ll See

Don’t even blink, it will be so fast you might miss it All my life I’ve been running. From bullies, from teachers, from shame, and later from hunger, from bullets, from cops. I’ve been running after elusive hassles, and more … Continue reading You’ll See

The Broken Blonde

And her path to a warm home and a friend I met her on a cold winter evening. She was laying on the sidewalk, in the pouring rain, abandoned there by her last abuser. She was visibly broken by years … Continue reading The Broken Blonde

Five Euros to Disney

This is all it takes to make a difference This is all it takes to get to Disneyland Paris by public transportation, from the center of Paris. Five euros. The price of five baguettes, the local bread around here, enough … Continue reading Five Euros to Disney

Is It Faith

Moving mountains Unescapable fate we wrap so willinglyAround our shoulders and desperately call it hopeOr is it the other way, like a horoscopeAs it becomes our destiny so seamlessly? “Let us hope for the best”, “We must accept our fate”Hope, … Continue reading Is It Faith

The Shiny Guy

And a ray of contagious light, travelling the universe So, there was this guy. He was shining. A ray of bright light. All who bumped into him were touched by his light and for a while, became alight themselves, and this … Continue reading The Shiny Guy


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