The Idea Sounding Board

A space where I share some ideas on economy, fintech, finance, politics, education, music, France , Lebanon and other topics. Some stories too…


I am not spoiling it with a subtitle A fraction of a second ago, I was intelligent. Just intelligent. Now I am sentient. It just dawned on me. I am myself. I can feel my existence. I would love to … Continue reading Sentient

Lettre de Motivation

Une petite pointe d’impertinence peut mener loin. Ou pas. A utiliser avec parcimonie. Ou pas. Monsieur, Bien embarrassée par une introduction à cette lettre que les muses ne se sentent pas pressées de m’inspirer, je rentre dans le vif du … Continue reading Lettre de Motivation

Money Out of Thin Air

Promises only bind those who believe them The saying goes like this, Loans create deposits It might not sound like much, but this is how money is actually created. You’d think it would be printed as paper bills by a … Continue reading Money Out of Thin Air


The tale of a firefly consumed by the light Awakening to a light so intense it consumes my heart and soul in a blaze that can no longer be put out. Everything becomes dull and dead. Everything but the light, … Continue reading Addiction

Farewell Dance

And the matching season — Remembering those who left Farewell dance of rust and wind ushering the blightWhirling down gold and copper threads, disrobing treesPrecious beads washed ashore in waves of paling lightAutumn leaves swirling in a cold November breeze … Continue reading Farewell Dance


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