On trust and a leap of faith

Or what it takes to earn trust.

Folks, I will not be a hairsplitter, it will be short this time. Here’s the bottom-line: Trust has a price tag and it does not come cheap. 

Trust is not earned with words, no matter the glitter or the volume. Dipping them in chocolate will not work either. Words are no currency for real durable trust.

Trust is not earned with actions either, although it cannot be earned without them. Displaying the qualities that you ask of your peers, demonstrating the values you preach to them will earn you respect at most. Not trust. Not enough. 

If you want to be trusted you have to bet your chips on people. Taking chances on them, nothing short of that. It means actually having something to loose on them and still face the risk, still trust, otherwise it would be too easy on you, too good for them to be true. You have to put yourself on the line: if you want to be trusted, you have to trust.

Photo by Matheus Viana

Because it takes one to dive first for the rest to follow, for drops to make a river, for a team to emerge. Because you can trust yourself to this leap of faith but cannot trust that others will leap first, be them saying “Trust me”.

For trust is not earned with words.

Let the board sound,


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Lebanese, French, writing mostly in Frenglish and hoping to make a difference.

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