On a waterfall

Here’s a short one on a masterpiece I would like to share with you dear reader.

Now close your eyes. And listen…

Chopin – Etude Op 10 No 1 in C major, also known as Waterfall

His right hand was set in ample motion. Left to right, right to left, and again, left to right, from the lowest octaves to the higher pitched notes, in a magnetizing movement.

His fingers were flying over the white and black keys in an intricate and delicate ballet. Notes were flowing in waterfall, at the speed of light.

The performance seemed to require godlike pianistic abilities to the eyes of a romantic era piano enthusiast whose inner metronome was already lost between the third and fourth measure.

A significant part of the beauty however was conveyed by the left hand. It barely moved and would play quite simple chords, nothing too fancy or difficult. The chord progression however, the choices the composer made of when to play them and in which order just made perfect sense.

Beautifully stunning. Like love at first sight. Like fine wine tasting.

You could hear subtle melodies within the complexities of this Etude. Orange, chocolate, berries. Like a palette of emotions which would shift from joy to melancholy, from astonishment to fulfilment, with every wave of the right hand, with every chord fading away.

Beautifully stunning can be very personal of course. Many might not see the same beauty, some might not see beauty at all in Chopin’s Etude Op 10 No 1 in C major. The world is made of different tastes and colors after all.

In any case, your ears deserve to know.

Check it out and let the board sound.


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3 thoughts on “On a waterfall”

  1. Remember your « Intergalactic Experts » post from a few months back? These types of experts are the ones who would say they have deep expertise in Chopin’s Op 1 No 10 because they can play the left hand perfectly 😂

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