You Think Therefore the Universe Is

Or why life might underpin the existence of a universe

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Dear reader. Dear life. Imagine if the universe was the result of a random event. Imagine if it was empty of life. No consciousness creating it, no consciousness to experience it through senses or thoughts. No God, no humans, to be a bit less cryptic. No one witnessing its creation. No one experiencing it.

Existence would not be an attribute of such a universe. No one would be there to tell. No one would be there to decide and no one to prove them wrong. Or right.

On the other hand, consciousness without a universe is very possible. It could always imagine one. It could dream one. You could dream one.

Consciousness closed its eyes and imagined.

Light. Something bright. Fast travelling. Visible. That will come in handy later.

Energy. And for energy to work, it imagined movement, speed, kinetics, heat. Matter. These did not have meaning until then. They came to be in its mind.

A point of infinite energy, of infinite density. Infinite heat. And a sudden expansion creating matter, made from tiny bits and pieces, themselves made of even tinier bits and pieces.

And then it became even more interesting. From the chaos of the infinitely dense, it imagined order. Order led to life. And with life came senses, consciousness, imagination.

And Life imagined.

It may well be that existence can only be through the mind of consciousness. Descartes if you will, but a little wider than your mere person: Je pense donc l’univers existe.

I think, therefore I am. I am, therefore, the universe exists.

So yes, that life of mine, of yours, miserable and finite comedy as it may be, might still underpin the existence of a universe.

Food for thought.

Let the board sound


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