The Idea Sounding Board

A space where I share some ideas on economy, fintech, finance, politics, education, music, France , Lebanon and other topics. Some stories too…

The Ultimate Weapon

Thermonuclear? Think again Non-Proliferation Treaty August 25, 2026. The United States of America withdraws from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Reason? The United States of America is no longer a nuclear-weapon state. It stopped being one shortly … Continue reading The Ultimate Weapon

Against the Tide

Hidden as the destination may be, your inner compass is constantly pointing to it The inner compass North. South. East. West. Uptown. Downtown. Left. Right. Center. Liberal. Conservative. Socialist. Republican. Democrat. It seems however you do not belong to any … Continue reading Against the Tide

A Tribute to Mothers

Taken for granted but dearly missed when coming of age A mother is a ray of sunlight in the darkA cloud soothing the heat of the day on your skinOften taken for granted, her smile hides the markOf the sorrows … Continue reading A Tribute to Mothers


A tribute to forgiveness Vengeance is a consuming flameRavaging heart and soul alikeSeldom is it a friend to tameAnd often a foe to dislike Forgive, you will be whole againForgive, your foes are friends to gainForgive them, let love light … Continue reading Vengeance


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