On denial, acceptance and then …

So why does love fall apart sometimes… Many times…

If you’re a regular visitor, you might have read one of my previous posts which deals with closure, that very final stop on the side of a love and hate bumpy road, a “face à face” hopefully leading to some peace of mind and to the solo highway you probably wish you never left.

Well that’s a couple of steps forward actually. You first need to realize what hit you, accept it after having denied it, and then move on.

Photo by Kaique Rocha

So here’s what could have been a bumpy road ultimately leading to closure after love fell apart.

You left me here with childish dreams and teenage memories
To sink in the oblivion of a timeless remedy
I took the weight of the years on my shoulders and your sorrows in my eyes
But you left me here to cry all the tears you would not cry

You turned your back on our sunny days, embraced the lonely nights
You laughed your way out of those years, gave in without a fight
You say it’s better to be safe and cold than burning and alive
Living someone else’s dreams, your fantasies won’t haunt you

Days and weeks and months and years, are slowly passing by
Time one day will cast its spell and bring the morning light
And if we meet again, I may show you all the stars you left inside
Then turn away, walk towards the sun, and you won’t see me

Let the board sound


On a cup of coffee

Or what closure might feel like

Photo by Anna Urlapova

We meet after all these years over a cup of coffee

No more sorrows, no more tears, bitter-sweet memories

Time has gone by, years have flown, rain has fallen, winds have blown

I’ve been waiting for so long, now you’re here let’s sing along

All those things I want to say, all those words you need to hear

Do not worry do not fear, no hard feelings, sky is clear

 After all ‘s been said and done, after all that we’ve become

After all the wasted time, broken dreams, shattered lives

We meet after all these tears over a cup of coffee

No more anger, no more grief, just a lonely melody

Life has gone by, friends are gone, we’ve grown older, we’ve grown cold

I’ve been waiting for so long, I’m too numb to carry on

We meet after all these years over a cup of coffee

I wish you all the best, I want you to be happy

Let the board sound