Against all odds

They are too strong, tool powerful for us mere mortals. They pledged allegiance to gods too vile, to masters too dark.

They have taken our jobs, our homes, our families, our dreams, and trashed them on the altar of Filth.

Photo by Jo Kassis

They have branded us with the shameful iron of the corrupt and we have thus become slaves to their corruption.

They have shattered us around the universe in a diaspora spanning 150 years and 5 continents.

They have driven us to wars we should not have fought, to endeavors we should have blushed with shame to even consider.


You know them. Some are people indeed. But some, most, are daemons lurking in our souls, deep within. The worm is in the fruit sometimes. Many times. All the time.

All is not lost however, dear knights, for as long as you can find a spark of light in you to outgrow the darkness within, we stand a chance. A spark, that’s all it takes. Your loved ones. Childhood memories. Summers. A long-forgotten dream. Whatever brings a smile to your face, some tears to your eyes.

And we will prevail. We must prevail.

Against all odds.

Let the board sound

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Lebanese, French, writing mostly in Frenglish and hoping to make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Against all odds”

  1. « They? » They! Best description of Vador and Palpatine I’ve ever read! Oh? I got it wrong again? Oh you mean the _other_ Vador and Palpatine, yes I see it now… The darker side ones. Very naughty these two, yes indeed… But we all have a Luke within.
    And for every Hook there’s a Peter Pan.
    For every Biff there’s a Marty McFly.
    For every Borg there’s a Picard.
    For every Vador there’s a Luke, and for every Luke there’s a Lea, and especially, for every Palpatine there’s a Vador.
    Not so bad in the end Vador, no? Against all odds… 🙂
    Our turn now.

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